A long-term foreign resident of Japan watching TV yesterday spotted a man that was the almost exact Asian replica of his uncle.

“Hey, there’s Asian Uncle Frank on TV wearing a red cape,” said Patrick Gale.

Asian Uncle Frank was playing the lead role in a Japanese TV commercial promoting WONDA Morning Shot canned coffee. Gale recognized the man as Asian Uncle Frank from the excited look on his face after sipping the “coffee with perfect taste and feeling to greet every morning”.

“I never thought I would see Asian Uncle Frank with his own AKB48 backup dancers,” said Gale.

Asian Uncle Frank with his own AKB48 backup dancersGale’s excitement however soon turned to frustration upon the realization that no one could relate to his amazing discovery.

“There’s an instant rush of adrenaline when you come across an Asian Uncle Frank or an Asian Best-Friend-Back-Home Dave but it’s a lonely moment of enlightenment.”

Gale says it’s more rewarding to find people that look like Asian versions of famous people as one can “relive the moment later while having a laugh with mates”.

“My best find so far was when I came across Asian Rodney Dangerfield in an izakaya smashing a small bottle of warm sake.”


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