Caucasian superstar comedian Atsugiri Jason has begun his whirlwind comedy circuit of Italy – aptly naming the tour “Why Roman People!?”

The live performance began awkwardly with Atsugiri’s classic “Why Roman people!?” gag falling flat amongst a large majority of the audience.

Atsugiri tried the foolproof one-liner again but with a slight twist, saying it even louder.

“Here is one, here is two, here is three, okay I think I got this… whoah!”

“Why Roman people!!!!!?”

The Italians were not amused and one bloke started pitching tomatoes at Atsugiri.

“I don’t get it, in Japan I just yell this shit out really loudly and people laugh – seriously what the hell is wrong with Italians?” said Atsugiri after the show.

Atsugiri is considering cancelling his remaining four “Why Roman people!?” tour shows.

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