Voice of Gaijin

Voice of Gaijin: First Dolphins Killed in Japan’s Annual Taiji Hunt

Japanese fishermen catch 20 dolphins on the first day of the six-month dolphin-hunting season in Taiji. What are your gaijin thoughts?

Voice of Gaijin: Taxpayers to Fund Decontamination of Fukushima, Toxic Water Pools

This week the Japanese government announced it's planning to use tax funds to clean up heavily contaminated Fukushima areas as reports surfaced of 10,000 tons...

Voice of Gaijin: Gaijin Bloggers and j-Vloggers

Gaijin bloggers and j-vloggers (or YouTube j-Vloggers) are often criticised for their work. Are the attacks justified? What are your gaijin thoughts?

Voice of Gaijin: Foreigners Being Offended by the Term ‘Gaijin’

Many foreigners are offended by the term 'gaijin' - a deeply offensive way of saying 'gaikokujin' (foreigner) under the guise of abbreviation. What are your gaijin...

Voice of Gaijin: Chinese Ships Enter Japanese Waters

Chinese ships entered Japanese waters this week near the Senkaku islands. What are your gaijin thoughts?

Voice of Gaijin: Tokyo Governor Resigns

Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe has resigned over allegations of misusing public funds, which will be effective from next Tuesday. What are your gaijin thoughts?