Tokyo Not To Be Outdone By Fukushima, Turns Rain Into Flakes Of Crystallized Ice

Tokyo has viciously responded to Fukushima’s series of endless natural disasters and nuclear catastrophes with the solidification of water drops falling from the sky. The...

Japan Reminded That 2011 Happened, Fears Of Nuclear Power To Last Until Friday

A powerful earthquake has struck off the coast of Fukushima in north-east Japan, triggering renewed fears of nuclear power that is expected to last...

Abe Kicks Off Warm Biz Season Donning Chic Fur Jacket

PHOTO NEWS: Abe Launches Warm Biz Season Donning Chic Animal Fur Jacket Image: CNN, PinInterest (Edited by TRW)

6.6 Earthquake Hits Tottori Prefecture, Danger of Tsunami of Futile SNS Posts

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 hit western Japan on Friday afternoon bringing with it the threat of a tsunami of futile SNS...

News Crew Waits Patiently For Umbrella To Lose Structural Integrity

A news crew situated on a street corner in Tokyo has waited patiently for several hours for some random pedestrian’s umbrella to turn inside...

“I-t-s S-o G-o-d-d-a-m H-o-t”: Important Hidden Message Found in Emperor’s Speech

A piece of extremely practical information has been discovered encrypted within the transcript of Emperor Akihito’s unprecedented speech enlightening the people that “it’s goddam...

Typhoon Hits Japan at Hottest Part of Day, Quickly Loses Will to Live

Typhoon “No. 5” landed on the east coast of Japan during yesterday’s peak temperature of around 32 degrees Celsius and quickly lost the will...