Jackson Sensei executing an absolute gem of a delivery

An English teacher working at a public elementary school in Chiba Prefecture has absolutely dominated a lunchtime game of dodgeball with a group of fifth graders.

During the pre-game huddle Jackson Sensei gave clear instructions to his teammates to funnel any loose balls they could acquire directly to him.

Jackson Sensei mercilessly picked off his opponents one by one in a stunning display of brute force.

Megumi Takahara from 5-C was the first to go – who was clearly the weakest link in her team.

Jackson Sensei yelled out random English words as he hurled balls at a rapid fire pace in an apparent attempt to justify his participation in the game.

“Throw! Pink! Power!” yelled Jackson Sensei.

The pink ball that struck little Sho Kazuki on his lower right buttock as he was fleeing from the centre court region was clocked at around 150 mph.

In a breathtaking moment of payback Jackson Sensei finished off the game by knocking out Ryoichi Hosei from 5-A with a cracking 11-metre bullet as he yelled out, “American Joke!”


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