A foreigner has been queried about the translation for ‘otsukaresama’ last night being the possessor of all English-related knowledge.

“I was asked this only four times last week,” replied Aaron Simpson.

“Roughly translated, we would say, thank you for working yourself to death.”

The group proposed a toast to “working yourself death”.

Simpson was also asked to provide a translation for ‘itadakimasu’.

The group was stunned to learn all foreigners treat their food with the minimum of respect by saying nothing before eating.

“And what do you say for ‘gochisousama’?”

Image: Flickr/Nanako


  1. The best translation for otsukaresama is “Good job.” Like many expressions which have been boiled down to a single work, there is no direct translation. “Thanks for your hard work,” is pretty reasonable. Literally, it means “you’re tired.”

    Itadakimasu is easy. “Bon appetit.”
    Gochisosama is tough. “Thank you for the wonderful meal,” is the best I can do without context of the sentence or situation.


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