Bruce Packer dead at 25 after trying natto

A gaijin visiting Japan on a tourist visa has tragically died after convincing himself he should at least try some natto.

Bruce Packer, 25, acknowledged that the fermented bean did indeed smell like rotten fodder that had been digested, excreted, and then repackaged for refrigeration, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to “try everything” while visiting Japan.

After the natto made contact with Packer’s palate he quickly began to lose the will to live.

Packer fell onto all fours crawling to the corner of the room before passing away once assuming the fetal position.

“I told him it wasn’t worth it but he chose to ignore the advice of a seasoned gaijin,” said Packer’s friend.

There have now been calls for clearer ‘keep out of reach of gaijin’ labels for all natto packs sold over the counter.


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