Takano Packs A Thermos When Visiting Konbinis

A man in his late thirties packed a thermos before heading to the konbini early this morning to consume his weekly dose of manga.

The thermos preserved the green tea at accommodating temperatures for the majority of his morning reading session.

“By midday it’s neither here nor there – not hot enough for hot tea, and not cool enough for iced tea,” said Hiroshi Takano.

Takano lost hours of heat maintenance later in the day after failing to screw the thermos lid back on properly forcing him to retreat home early for the day.

“I lost my manga anyway to some kid after helping myself to the toilet facilities, hand soap, water, and hand dryer for the fourth time – some children have no respect these days,” said Takano.

Takano’s misfortune was short lived, however, arriving back to his house just in time for his mother’s home cooked curry.