Possible third season discovered outside Japan

A new study investigating the number of seasons existing outside the borders of Japan has revealed a possible third season, sometimes referred to as “autumn”.

The seasons of summer and winter had already been discovered in the late nineteenth century and were both believed to share an equal portion of the year.

Summer was believed to have lasted six months, while winter was believed to have made up the remaining six months.

But a team of scientists from Tokyo University has announced the discovery of a new season known as ‘autumn’ or ‘fall’.

“The name just depends on what region of gaikoku you’re from,” said one of the scientists.

The Tokyo University scientists say the newly found season is a precursor to winter and remarkably closely resembles that of ‘aki’, which is one of the four seasons in Japan.

“We’ve so far been able to ascertain that this third season occurs at a time when the leaves from trees change color and start falling to the ground,” said one scientist.

Some experts, however, have challenged the claim of the existence of a third season saying that the study needs further research.

Other theories about a fourth season, a so-called ‘spring’, have so far been mostly discredited.