無配慮な女性がエスカレーターで並列駐車, by Karl Baron

A woman standing on the wrong side of an escalator in Tokyo today caused mayhem for commuters and delays of up to 10 seconds, sources confirmed.

Bystanders vented their frustration by grumbling quietly to themselves, complaining on Twitter, and staring angrily into the offenders back.

The woman’s actions led to a flow-on effect of a backlog of people standing on the wrong side – despite each right-side-stander willing to walk.

Experts say the “everyone wants to walk but can’t” phenomenon is an ever present threat to unsuspecting commuters.

“This kind of thing ruins my day, I reach the escalator and make a concerted effort to shift over to the right side fast lane and some person shamelessly double parks,” said one seething traveler.



  1. Funny, when we did this in Osaka, we were asked politely to shift across. However, when a Japanese person did it, they were abruptly told to get out of the way by the Osakans




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