A man travelling with his family on a guided tour of Japan has been accused of racism after voicing his firm belief that the temple on day six of their trip looked “a hell of a lot like” the temple from day four.

“I’m tellin’ ya, this bloody thing looks identical to the one a couple of days ago, have a look at the corner of that roof and the circle work going on in those rocks,” pronounced Peter Murphy.

“I’m not saying they all look the same, just this temple and the one from day four – and probably the one from day three as well.”

Peter’s wife questioned the accuracy of the statement and feared bigotry may have played a role in her husband’s claim.

“I’m pretty sure that’s racist,” Sarah Murphy said.

“Oh get your hand off it Sarah, if we put them all in a line side by side you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart,” said Peter.

The two Murphy children agreed with daddy that all of the temples looked exactly the same.

Image: Flickr/JohnGillespie



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