Another sex god flew into Narita Airport yesterday still oblivious to his incredible sexual prowess.

Official figures indicate that most sex gods come to Japan for the same purpose.

“I wanted to visit Japan for the technology and anime,” said Sex God Number 9,185 (for the 2016 fiscal year).

Kevin, as he is known back home, is expected to become aware of his powers over the coming days as people stare and girls giggle.

The farther a sex god travels from central Tokyo the more intense his attractiveness becomes, experts warn.

Sex God 9185 is likely to fully grasp the extent of his potential at kinkakuji, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, where Kevin will be asked by a bunch of school girls if they can take a photo with him.

Image: Flickr/Retinafunk


  1. U guys are hilarious! It’s like “theonion” for expats. Write longer articles! Sooooo many of my nonjapan friends thought the damned gaijin cafe was real lol! One American friend was all excited n wondering how she could get a job in such a place lol!



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