We Asked Each SMAP Member Which Fellow SMAP Member They Hate The Most?

Masahiro Nakai (“Leader”)
“I love all SMAP members if by love I mean an intensified emotion of disgust.”
Shingo Katori 
“Haven’t seen Mori Katsuyuki since 1996 – that dirty dog left us to make millions in motorcycle speed racing.”
Takuya Kimura (“Kimutaku”)
 “That would have to be Kusanagi – absolute flog. But he did have mad skills at getting wasted and running butt naked through parks.”
Goro Inagaki
Goro Inagaki 
 “I’ve come to hate Kimutaku the man but I still love Kimutaku the hair-do.”
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi
“I don’t hate anyone but I despise Kimutaku.”
Image: Leah Shang