Over one million “new adults” are eager to get their drink on after attending lengthy Coming Of Age Day ceremonies and events throughout Japan.

Coming Of Age Day (Seijin no hi – 成人の日) is held on the second Monday of the new year for young adults who turned 20 over the last year or will be turning 20 before March 31 this year – some events are held on Sunday for those working full-time on Mondays who managed to kill their own personalities during job-hunting season to obtain a job.

“I can’t wait for this ceremony to be over so I can commence smashing a 1,500-yen all-you-can-drink session,” said Tomoko Murayama.

Many of the 1.2 million attendees were illegally forced to drink at after-work gatherings last year before turning 20.

“Yeah, I’ve been drinking since I was 18, but now I’m pumped for some proper legal alcohol consumption.”

Around half of all “new adults” will be getting loose in izakayas and karaoke booths all around the country, while the other half will be getting drunk on some insane video gaming sessions.

Image: Flickr/DickThomasJohnson


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