18-year-olds included in "whatevs" piece of pie

18 and 19-year-olds in Japan have been given the right to vote and the democratic privilege of being included in the “whatevs” piece of the political statistics pie.

A survey taken by NHK asking 18-year-old students their opinions on the upcoming election found 87 per cent of respondents asking the questioner to explain the upcoming election.

“Maji ukendakedo,” responded one Japanese high school girl.

“Abe chan maji kimo kawaii,” responded another.

The top responses from the NHK survey question, which party is your preferred party? are listed as follows:

1. “Seitou tte nani?”

2. “Seiji yabaindakedo.”

3. “Minna cho- dasai.”

4. “Jimintou shiran desukedo.”


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