The Japan Meteorology Agency has released the predicted dates for people getting hammered in parks across the nation two months prior to revelers having their first sip of sake.

“Our advanced model systems are forecasting millions of people discharging months of pent up stress within the confines of a two-by-four-meter blue tarpaulin,” says Japan Meteorology Agency spokesman Nomitakute Shoganai.

The 2018 getting pissed in a park forecast has been released a full week earlier than the 2017 getting pissed in a park chart last year.

“Personally, I can’t wait to down some nice Hibiki whiskey followed by a few tequila shots,” says Shoganai.

Shoganai nailed her blue tarpaulin to one of the best viewing spots in Yoyogi Park prior to the release of the 2018 forecast.

Image: WeatherNews (edited TRW)



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