A 23-year-old foreigner waking up with a stiff back in Fukuoka City this morning has discovered it’s because he is now 54.

“Where the hell am I?” asked a now 54-year-old Trevor Dodson, “What year is it?”

Dodson is believed to be suffering from an ailment found only in Japan known as the ‘lost decades’.

“I thought it was just the cold air, but it turns out I’ve actually aged 31 years overnight,” said Dodson.

“What happened to the bubble? And where is my bright pink shoulder-padded jacket?”

Dodson says he went to bed last night looking forward to another weekday drinking session at the Maharaja discotheque.

“I can’t believe it, what has become of me?” said Dodson, “Well, at least I still have a 22-year-old girlfriend.”

Image: Flickr/vvbad


    • I don’t know who you are, but I know where you are. I wake up 54 but came here at 23. You have to commit or go home and role the dice.I got my permanent residency after being here 27 years. Weird that my name is Trevor too.

  1. Great post… Japan has its ups and downs but whenever I leave for more than ten days I’m always happy to come back…

  2. I’m just driving back to cardiff with Bronwyn and Rhys and I saw the heading on my phone and told her to read it to me. Turn the radio back on on abdolute 80s first song was turning Japanese followed by the band japan. Maybe it’s time to go back to tokyo and lose another 16 years.


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