The National Center for University entrance examinations began on Saturday with 582,669 registered students taking the test, and over 58,000 students sniffing during the test.

“pfffffttttfffff,” sniffed 17-year-old Chiba Prefecture student Chirishi Nashi.

“Hrrgggrrrrgg,” snorted 17-year-old Kagawa Prefecture student Maji Meiwaku.

Students sitting near Chirishi and Maji experienced an average of a nine per cent drop in their overall scores as a result of surrounding noises.

Examination staff were also amongst the most prominent sniffers.

“DGRHRWGJR,” splurted 57-year-old examination proctor Oremo Meiwaku.

Students in the vicinity of Oremo suffered a 13 per cent reduction in their expected total score.

Image: AP


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