A 7-Eleven convenience store in Tokyo withheld 9,350 yen from the pay of an ill part-time employee because he was resting during his shift.

The employee was docked 80 per cent of his wage due to him only working at around 20 per cent capacity of a fully fit human being.

“It’s only fair that we reduced his earnings – Hiroki was only functioning using a small portion of his faculties.”

The employee says he wanted to show customers to products they had inquired about but his hospital bed “wouldn’t fit down the aisles”.

Labor unions in Japan have voiced their concerns over unfair terms of employment for part-time employees, however the chief executive of 7-Eleven & I Holdings issued a statement saying the company would “benefit from employing staff full time” but “most workers want the flexibility of knowing they may be fired at any given moment”.

Image: Flickr/NorioNakayama (edited TRW)


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