apan’s need for corn just became a little more manageable with Seven Eleven Japan launching the new “Corn Sand With Corn Plus More Corn” lunch pack.

“Sometimes I just don’t know if I can get enough corn but this new ‘Corn Sand With Corn Plus More Corn’ lunch pack will provide me with the means to maintain a satisfactory level of maize in my diet,” says Yumi Kobayashi.

The ingenious new lunch pack has seen Seven Eleven Japan’s profits soar by at least 21 per cent over the last month.

Most people in Japan struggle to retain a healthy level of corn in their meals and resort to ordering corn on their pizzas and in their salads. The new 7/11 corn sand (otherwise known as a corn sandwich) bread is made from pure corn kernels offering a valuable source of starch.

“Now I can satisfy my daily corn needs by purchasing the “Corn Sand With Corn Plus More Corn” lunch pack,” says Hiroyuki Matsuzaka.

The new 7/11 corn lunch pack gives you more corn for your yen with an additional side order of corn cob and even a free small corn juice.

“After a meal consisting of mostly corn this corn juice really hits the spot – my corn palate has been finely tuned from living in Japan for almost a decade and I must say this is some high quality corn juice,” says Brian Rogers who moved to Japan from the U.S. nine years ago.

The “Corn Sand With Corn Plus More Corn” lunch pack is available for 496 yen making it one of the best value corn meals on the market.


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