Early reports on Japanese television this evening have indicated an astonishing amount of juice flowing out of one burger patty.

One celebrity was seen pulling out an umbrella to shield themselves from the sheer extent of liquid gushing out of the mincemeat.

Some viewers were momentarily spooked by studio reactions with some thinking parts of Tokyo must have been under serious threat of flooding.

“Nikujiru sugoi!” shouted out one talent.

Screams from the studio audience of “waaaaaaaah” and “eeeeeeee” could be heard played from a selection of pre-recorded audience sounds.

After broadcasting the outflow of hamburger juice, show hosts seamlessly segued into a quiz about hamburgers before the hamburger in question was suddenly wheeled out to the studio accompanied by a hamburger chef.

“Totsuzen desuga, how many liters of meat juice just came out of this burger?” show hosts, comedy duo Carpet Dusters, quizzed the guest panel.

The burger ended up being the most delicious thing the celebrities had tasted since they last ate on camera.


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