Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed Wednesday on the sidelines of a regional economic forum in Vladivostok to improve bilateral ties after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe handed over a 10kg tub of made-in-Japan baby formula.

Aiming to bring closer the two regional powers whose ties have often been frayed by issues related to territory and history, Abe promised he would bring at least another 100 containers of formula when he visits China next month.

“We’ve already posted them up for pre-sale on Alibaba,” said Xi.

“They were sold out within seconds.”

In return, Xi proposed to increase steel exports to assist Japan in the construction of more childcare centers, but Abe refused.

“We don’t actually want more childcare centers, that’s just something I say out loud to the public,” Abe reportedly told Xi.

“We want our women having babies and looking after the home.”

Xi congratulated Abe on his shrewd political trickery.

“So ‘womenomics’ is just a ruse? Genius,” said Xi.

The two leaders then laughed while Xi sipped on a cup of Meiji baby formula.

Image: YouTube/CGTN