The Prime Minister of Japan is in intensive care in a Rio hospital after suffering horrific injuries from a piranha plant.

Shinzo Abe emerged from a green pipe at the Rio Olympics closing ceremony after transforming into Mario to avoid being late to the event.

Abe was waving to the cheering crowd when the piranha plant suddenly surfaced from the pipe and threw the prime minister into the air.

You can watch the moments leading up to the shocking incident in the video below:


Abe was instructed to stand just to the side of the pipe to avoid any adversaries that may come out of the pipe but “must have got caught up in the moment”.

Doctors say Abe is receiving the best medical care and is in a “stable but serious condition” having fallen about 8 meters from the top of the pipe.

“I just saw this massive plant come out of the pipe and then Shinzo changing color and flying into the air,” said one traumatized spectator.

Abe is currently being infused with 1-up green mushrooms through an intravenous tube.

Image: bustle/Jetty Images


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