You too can step inside the shoes of Abe Mario and start running away from the pacifist constitution, renewable energy, feminists, and even historical facts in Nintendo’s “Abe Mario Run”, the first mobile game to feature Abe Mario.

Abe Mario will run forward automatically while users tap the screen to avoid enemies promoting alternatives to nuclear energy and equal rights for women.

One of the main objectives of the game is to collect US dollar coins and continuously try to devalue the yen. The coins can be used to purchase new nuclear power plants, but Abe Mario must continue to hide the real impacts of high levels of radiation from previous nuclear meltdowns.

If Abe Mario runs out of coins users have the option of lowering interest rates into negative territory. Each level ends with Abe Mario capturing a nationalist Japanese flag.


“The game also features a battle mode where victory is determined based on how many articles you can remove from the constitution and how many right wing chicken hawks you can impress – every time you successfully rewrite history they will appear at the bottom of your screen,” chief game designer at Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto explained at the launch of Abe Mario Run.

Final victory can be declared once the pacifist constitution is completely dismantled and Abe Mario successfully facilitates the potential for all out war on his neighbors – cleverly opening the door for Abe Mario Run 2.

After successfully completing all game objectives Abe Mario can be seen running into the hands of the Princess and giving a victory speech at the ultra-nationalist Japan Conference (“Nippon Kaigi”) as special advisor.

Image: YouTube/GamePlayOnly



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