Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has attempted to shore up the functionality of his medicine cabinet by shifting around the same old members to different positions.

“I shifted these outdated creams to the right side of the lower shelf and repositioned this putrid tube of lotion to the upper shelf,” Abe told reporters.

Despite historically low approval ratings, Abe retained core cabinet members including his Taro Aso growth prevention pills.

Critics say it is hard to predict how this latest reallocation of medicines will improve the cabinet.

Hiroki Komita, an associate professor of Japanese contemporary history at Aoyama Gakuin University, said the best way to give the public the impression of renewal would be to completely remove the Taro Aso growth prevention pills.

“Perhaps, the Prime Minister could change it with something a little more feminine,” said Komita.

Image: Flickr/DarkDay (edited TRW)


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