Seventy-two years after the instalment of Japan’s pacifist Constitution, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised members of the Japan Conference (Nippon Kaigi) that the nation would have already amended the constitution to formalize the legal status of the self-defense forces “if it wasn’t for that blasted thing called democracy”.

“We would have had at least one war by now if commoners didn’t have the right to vote,” Abe told members of Nippon Kaigi.

“Those damn foreigners did it to us again.”

Japan Conference is the nation’s largest political group representing conservative, right-wing and nationalist causes, and mad keen on war.

“We want to once again gain the respect of the world by dabbling in the spoils of war,” Nippon Kaigi said in a press release.

“How come other nations are allowed to invade and pillage but we’re not?”

Abe told the conference he will continue to use marketing and propaganda over the coming year to alleviate the burdens of democracy.

Image: JapanTimes