Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Beijing this week calling on China to accept increased cooperation between the two nations and pointy chopsticks.

Abe met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang ahead of a Friday summit with China’s top leader, President Xi Jinping, at which he urged China to seriously consider the advantages of tapered chopsticks.

“A tapered chopstick is one that has a diminished or reduced thickness towards one end,” Abe told the large gathering of honored guests.

“It’s a lot easier to pick up your smaller, more slippery bits of food.”

The last Japanese prime minister to make a bilateral visit to China was Yoshihiko Noda in December 2011, but he had little influence over the development of the Chinese chopstick.

“We hope the two sides will work together and make efforts to maintain the stable and healthy development of China-Japan relations, and make new progress in the evolution of the chopstick in China,” Abe said.

Image: Reuters