"The Honobono Family Asks: What are Constitutional Revisions?"

The Abe administration has released a comic book targeting the youth of Japan to explain the need to revise the constitution.

PM Abe says it is important to dumb down the subject so young people can understand that the majority of voters are wrong to reject a change.

“Young people don’t need to be dealing with complicated issues of the constitution and national security, they should blindly trust their leaders,” says Abe.

The comic book, entitled The Honobono Family Asks: What are Constitutional Revisions? (ほのぼの一家の憲法改正ってなに?) provokes feelings of nationalism through emphasizing that the constitution was written in eight days – by foreigners. The Honobono family learns that other nations such as Germany and France have revised their constitutions 60 and 27 times respectively since WW2.

“We’re tired of being an example of peace for the past half century – we want to go to war too,” says Abe.

“We need to change the constitution to match the current era – an era that requires our nation to defend ourselves without US assistance so we can assist America fight defensive wars across the globe.”


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