ALT eats pet goldfish after questioned on raw fish

An elementary school ALT in Osaka Prefecture has responded to a query of whether he eats raw fish by eating several goldfish from the classroom fish tank.

Many students who witnessed the incident suffered from severe shock and are now receiving counselling.

“Most of the students are heavily traumatised – they’ve never seen a gaijin eat raw fish before,” said the classroom teacher.

The ALT has been questioned about his capacity to eat raw fish on average once a week since arriving at Kansai International Airport eight years ago.

“I told the students ‘Freddy the Fish’ was delicious – he just needed a bit of wasabi,” said Peter Rose.

Rose tried to explain his anger management problem to his fellow staff in advanced level Japanese and that ultimately it was an important cultural lesson for his students.

“I couldn’t comprehend what he was saying – his mouth was moving but it wasn’t English,” said one staff member.



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