American comedian Conan O’Brien visited the town of Hokuei ­– dubbed “Conan Town” for its connection to the manga series “Detective Conan” – in Tottori Prefecture on Thursday finally giving locals a chance to use the phrase “American joke” in the right context.

O’Brien accidentally arrived at Yonago Kitaro Airport instead of Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport, where local officials and fans were waiting for him, giving them the opportunity to start saying “American joke” even before they had met O’brien.

O’Brien eventually met with Hokuei Mayor Akio Matsumoto, who immediately pointed at O’Brien while saying “American joke”.

The two then went to Yura Station, which is nicknamed Conan Station, where O’Brien served 1,000 hamburgers to 800 people ­– 786 of whom said “American joke” as O’Brien handed them a burger.

Many of these people also finished the phrase with “desu” under their breaths because they felt the irresistible urge to end any phrase with “desu”.

“I can’t believe I could say “American joke” to an American comedian – it was so Goddamn literal,” said 58-year-old salaryman Kotaro Yamazaki.

Image: Twitter/@ConanObrien

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