A television presenter getting some lunch at a local café today has slowly revealed his order by ripping stickers off a large handmade board.

The anchorman cleverly built up suspense while wiping his hands with his oshibori (little wet white towel) before standing up to deliver his climactic final and only order to the waitress.

“I want to eat…,” screamed 68-year-old national broadcaster Masao Minorikawa.



“An omelette!”

Minorikawa yelled out “omelette” at the top of his voice to make it additionally interesting for the waitress.

Two of Minorikawa’s colleagues said “heeeeeeeeeeeeee” in unison after the order was revealed.

The performance received rave reviews largely as a result of the stickers being slightly peeled off at the corners so Minorikawa could easily rip them off come show time.



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