Merkel was expected to pour the beers (Photograph: Reuters)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was politely informed yesterday by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that she needed to pour the beers for her male counterparts at the dining table.

“This is Japan and women pour the beer for men,” Abe told the female German Chancellor.

Merkel proceeded to advise Abe that “women are treated as equals in Germany” and that he could “go get ficken”.

Abe left the assembly feeling deeply offended by Angela Merkel’s lack of culture.


  1. “women are treated as equals in Germany”

    – Um, HELLO? You’re NOT in Germany! When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Assimilate!

  2. When in Rome etc? Dors not apply here! She is in the assembly as one of the leaders of the world as well as all the others who are presents. No discrimination because she happens to be a woman!

  3. I can hardly believe how this happening went like this, honestly, doubt if it really happened. I feel some media/people want to convince other people that Mr Abe is just a brainless super rightest, if not the Evil from the dark side. Particularly the last part, who could know how he really felt that way after the talk with the German Chancellor? The PM said he got mad at the woman, or by a mind reader in “wasabi” staff??

    • This is a satirical news website meaning that the stories are fictional – occasionally based on real events.

  4. それは無い。
    It is not.
    Courtesy is knowledge.
    Whether the Otoshime the top of Japan?


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