Following the huge success of the “clear milk tea” and “clear latte”, it was only a matter of time before Asahi released the coffee colored water.

Asahi CEO Akiyoshi Koji said it only took the company six weeks of meetings to come up with the idea: “We were only into our third meeting for the day, basking in the glory of the transparent latte, when Shintaro said, ‘Hey, how about a coffee colored water?’”

After a further 3 weeks of wall-to-wall meetings Asahi decided on a specific murky brown pigment.

The brown water has, however, received mixed reviews online.

“It just tastes like coffeed down water,” said one Twitter user.

“Genius – it’s like water, but it’s a muddy brown color,” said another.

“It tastes like it looks – shit,” said one facsimile user.

The nutrient-free water is now on sale at all good convenience stores.




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