An ATM in Kanagawa Prefecture this morning alerted local patrons that the foreigner standing in front of it couldn’t even carry out a simple banking transition in the country it was residing.

The foreigner feigned to demonstrate an aura of competence as it entered the bank – waiting in an orderly fashion for the next available machine – but was soon flushed out by the ATM, which possessed a higher than expected English volume.

Several people within a 10-meter radius of the machine were collectively filled with the gratification that their original suspicions had come to fruition.

“It was only a matter of time before I caught one in the act selecting the English option button,” said Naoko Takahashi.

“I’m just glad I decided to withdraw some cash before going shopping today.”

Ryan Smith sheepishly exited the bank avoiding all eye contact while mumbling ‘naruhodo’ to try and recover at least some respectability.


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