ATM takes advantage of public holiday by visiting Tokyo Disneyland

A post office ATM has been spotted inside Disneyland on its public holiday vacation.

The ATM was unable to carry out its regular working duties on Spring Equinox Day but managed to arrange a day trip out to Chiba.

However, after paying the 56,000-yen entrance fee the ATM immediately regretted its decision upon learning Disneyland doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages.

“I should have gone to Disney Sea,” said the ATM.

The ATM had the occasional moment of fun but was constantly harassed by other patrons wanting to carry out banking transactions.

“Here I am taking a ride on Splash Mountain and some random starts trying to make a cash withdrawal,” said the ATM.

In the evening, the ATM wound down by making its traditional public holiday visit to its local kyabakura.


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