Australian football fans applauded an indigenous player today every time he touched the ball for keeping his mouth shut and staying silent on important aboriginal issues.

In a break out performance the player had 31 disposals, 16 kicks and 15 handballs, and received seven free kicks, which fans from both sides uniformly agreed were “definitely there”.

The football community has lauded the player for succumbing to public pressure and remaining voiceless on significant Indigenous Australian issues of discrimination, health, and land rights.

“It is inspiring to see someone coming from adversity, to withstand the social pressures, make it to the top, and then still be peer-pressured into keeping silent,” said one admiring footy fan.

“We want our footy players talking about the game, not blurting about things that really matter in society and our daily lives.

“They should stick to educating footy fans about our great game with knowledgeable insights such as the game being played ‘one week at a time’, and that credit should always ‘go to the boys’.”


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