Beppu Mayor Uploads “Accurate” Video Pledging Onsen Amusement Park From Secret Location (Video)

The mayor of Beppu City has belatedly released the “accurate version” of a promotional video pledging to build a hot springs (onsen) amusement park, or “Yuuenchi”, if the video goes viral.

The “inaccurate version” reached the stated target of one million views within a few days but Mayor Yasuhiro Nagano has now uploaded the “accurate version”, which clearly shows that he originally intended to ask for 100 million views.
Mayor Yasuhiro Nagano has reportedly released the “100 million view pledge” video from a well-camouflaged shelter hidden deep within the mountain ranges of Beppu City.
“I’m surprised he’s been able to get some kind of wireless Internet connection while hiding in a mountain cave 10-foot underground,” said one Beppu official who hadn’t seen the mayor since the first uploaded video hit around 900,000 views.
Beppu government officials say they heard the mayor earlier in the day grumbling about the unpredictability of the “World Wide Web” and asking some intern about how to download a free video editing program.
“He then raided the office fridge and hurriedly began filling a small suitcase with some essential survival items.”
“The last time I saw the mayor he was driving out of the car park in the direction of Mount Tsurumi.”
Image: YouTube


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