Two separate gaijin have done their grocery shopping at the same supermarket yesterday afternoon in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward.

The second gaijin entered the local chain supermarket just seconds after the first one.

“Well, that was awkward,” said 31-year-old Mark McDonald.

“Who would have thought we’d both be standing at the instant curry section at the exact same time.”

Mark met Jim again less than a minute later in front of the microwave rice packs.

“As if once wasn’t bad enough, there he was again cramping my instant rice pack buying style.”

Mark says at the time he “couldn’t be arsed” offering a greeting to his fellow gaijin, but had some mixed feelings after the event.

“Ah well I’ll probably see him again one day at the local konbini buying beers – I’ll just give him the gaijin nod then,” said Mark.


  1. I found myself in Max all along with another Gaijin whom I did not know. The Fish Counter employee informed us that in the event of two Hakujin being in the same store, we had to fight to the death using any pieces of fruit we could lay our hands on. I smashed her fugging head in with a square watermelon. Had I known we’d be billed for damaged fruit I’d have used a Banana on her; or some grapes. Live and Learn.

    • Yeah that’s typical of Japan though isn’t it. You’d have thought they’d give you all the minor details before initiating a duel to the death. It’s the same with phone contracts here – they highlight a few bits of text on the contract but they fail to mention you just sold your soul to the devil.


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