A commuter traveling to work this morning has caught fire.

The 47-year-old’s buttocks spontaneously combusted between Ebisu and Shinokubo.

The man was rushed to hospital after suffering third-degree burns to the majority of the lower half of his body.

“I could see his rear end turning a scorching hot ret before bursting into flames,” said one eyewitness, Danki Kanjizu.

“Those seat heaters are a nice toasty warm novelty until someone goes and gets themselves killed, desu.”

Kanjizu left his jacket and scarf on despite the carriage becoming engulfed in flames and filling with heavy black smoke.


  1. Are trains really that hot in Tokyo?
    Unless there is a real risk of this actually happening, I think the joke has been overdone already.

  2. Yes, yes they really are. Spontaneous combustion on any of the many Japanese trains is a real problem and growing concern.


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