Reports are surfacing of a foreigner living in Chuo Ward in Tokyo attempting to initiate Japanese conversations with other gaijin.

Witnesses say the man is about 30-years-old and has complete disregard for the color of other people’s skin.

“I’m out having a few drinks with mates and this white bloke starts speaking to me in Japanese,” said Tom Mitchell.

Mitchell went through three stages of emotions as his brain attempted to process what was actually unfolding in front of his eyes.

First there was shock, then confusion, and finally shame.

“You just don’t expect to come out for a quiet drink and face this kind of abuse.”

After regaining his composure Mitchell politely told the man he is also white and that he had a novel idea that they should communicate in their shared native language, otherwise known as English.

Mitchell went home early for the night and took a long hot shower scrubbing his entire body thoroughly three times.

Image: Brenn


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