Two businessmen have executed a magnificently synchronized bow with both their heads making subtle contact at the peak of their bows.

The men demonstrated almost identical respect for each other and an outstanding judgment of distance, which resulted in the touching of craniums while both salarymen bowed within a range of 44 to 46 degrees.

The awe-inspiring symmetrical balance of respect between the two men outside Tokyo Station was captured by one lucky bystander who is expecting to attract between ten to twenty thousand retweets once posting the photograph on Twitter.

“You could run your finger from one of the man’s toes all the way up to his head and then all the way down to the other man’s feet without lifting your finger from their bodies,” said the prolific Tweeter.

The two men never spoke about their incredible feat but they both knew they had been a part of something truly remarkable.

Image: Yoshikazu T


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