Mount Fuji has violently erupted in Japan after a few centuries of dormant passive aggressive behaviour, according to Japan’s Meteorological Agency.

The agency issued a level-4 alert restricting any human contact and severe warnings not to approach the fuming “out-of-control beast”.

Japan’s most famous icon has shown signs of restlessness and resisted any outburst of hostility in recent decades, but has now blown up in a fit of rage.

“She’s been dishing out the silent treatment for an extended period of time, but now all of her aggression has risen to the surface and is currently spewing out in all directions,” said one Shizuoka Prefecture government official.

Experts say it is not rare that continuous restraint can create a precarious environment where even small inconsequential events can lead to a vicious outburst.

“There is a real danger that after all these years of suppressing her anger innocent victims will be hurt indiscriminately that just happened to be in the vicinity at the time she reached breaking point.”

Image: Carolina Barría Kemp


  1. Its due with the next great kanto earthquake probably if the tokai fault moves as well. Best to be reminded … people are not as prepared as they were after the great hanshin earthquake in 1995.


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