An unknown person ringing the doorbell at a residence in Tokyo this morning may have been an NHK man.

“Everyone freeze… do not make a sound,” said father of two children Daisuke Noritaka.

Noritaka quickly seized the television remote control and gathered his wife, who was washing the dishes, and kids into the corner of one of the back rooms.

Noritaka carefully reduced the volume of the television one bar at a time, as a sudden change in noise levels may alert NHK man.

Around 15 seconds after the first doorbell, there was a solid knock on the door.

“It has to be NHK, they’re not yelling out postal delivery,” Noritaka whispered to his wife.

“Or maybe it’s one of those bloody Jehovah’s witnesses.”

The family remained huddled in the corner of the living room for ten minutes after the last knock had passed just to be safe.

The Noritakas later found a pamphlet in their mailbox informing brethron Daisuke that his soul still had time if it wanted to be saved.

Image: Flickr/m-louis, NicholasWang (edited TRW)



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