A large man starring on the popular Fuji Television program “Fat Guy Eats For Sustenance – Yay!!!!” has told viewers a bowl of ramen was delicious.

The episode received rave reviews with many who watched the show saying they really gained a lot of enjoyment from witnessing an overweight bloke devour a bowl of ramen.

“He smashed those noodles in about 25-seconds flat,” said 44-year-old housewife Mizuki Hirota, adding that the intense slurping “really added to the believability of its deliciousness”.

“When he inhaled that ramen, he just made it look so ‘oishii’ – that is one amazing talent.”

The food-eating celebrity ingeniously came up with fifteen side-splitting reactions to every mouthful of food he consumed during the show.

Image: Pakutaso (edited TRW)



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