Commuters in Tokyo entering through another carriage door have started to take the last remaining seats well before people even finished piling out of Mary Bennett’s chosen point of entry.

“Oh for f… look at that guy, he wasn’t even waiting in a queue and now he’s just walked straight into that other door without even breaking stride,” said Bennett.

Bennett had a small window of opportunity to move to the other door once she could see the large majority of people in the carriage moving towards her chosen door, but she elected to go through with her original decision.

“Rookie mistake,” thought 47-year-old salaryman Maido Onaidoa as he walked past Bennett.

“You never enter a carriage door that is closest to a platform exit stairway.”

Bennett had to stand directly in front of the guy who didn’t break stride for around 11 minutes while he sat down playing games on his cell phone.

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  1. So true. Or how about when your line is moving and you feel pretty sure that you’ve got a seat but then the guy in front feints one direction before SLOWLY deciding to go in the opposite direction and you’re just like, “FFS if you’re gonna play silly buggers at least let the people behind you get pas- dammit! There goes my seat! You unbelievable human jama.”


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