A resident of Adachi Ward in Tokyo this week has secretly disposed of a bag of trash the night before the next morning.

Local residents have reportedly held an emergency meeting today after several witnesses came forward claiming to have seen the bag of trash a full 6 hours before official garbage collection time.

One local obasan, however, managed to capture photographs, video footage, and fingerprints of the trash bag in question.

“They even put their milk cartons into the plastic bag without washing them, cutting them, folding them up into a neat pile, and wrapping them up with a nice bow,” said 55-year-old housewife Tomoko Shibamatsu.

The obasans plan to submit all of their evidence to the local koban over the coming month.



  1. Don’t most Oba/ Oji sans sort out poorly prepared rubbish as a sense of duty? These must be upper middle class Oba sans.

  2. Bored old bats. Had some henpecked old codger want me to move my stack of boxes 10 cms to the left last hard rubbish pickup.

  3. Likely targeting the resident ‘gaijin.’ I’ve been wrongly accused of something similar more than once in different regions because the bag of trash in question contained something that appeared to be printed in English!


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