An assistant language teacher in Kanagawa Prefecture this morning has been informed by one of his students that she played with multiple partners on the weekend.

“And what did you do this weekend Yumi?” asked Richard Sensei.

“I played with Kentaro,” said 17-year-old Yumi Takigawa.

Richard Sensei tried to compose himself before asking Yumi if she did anything else on the weekend.

“What other you do?” asked Richard Sensei.

Yumi told Richard Sensei she also played with Ryota, Shinichiro, and even Tomoko, all within a 48-hour time period.

Richard Sensei regretted asking Yumi a follow-up question.

“You must be exhausted,” immediately came to Richard Sensei’s mind, but he said “good job” before moving on to the next student, asking Yusuke what he did on the weekend.

“I played with Tatsuya,” said Yusuke.

Richard Sensei was forced to move on to the grammar section of the current chapter in the textbook a little earlier than he’d hoped.

Image: Pakutaso, pixabay (edited TRW)


  1. I really hope some measures are being taken to protect the identities of the ALT and the schools involved. It could be a problem if the school finds out that pictures of the student and teacher are floating around the internet.

  2. ahaha, I’ve legit encountered this while teaching.
    あそぶ to play
    more casually than 会います. to meet/ see
    作週末友達にあそびました。I met (played) with friends last weekend.


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