A grammatically sound Japanese phrase articulated by a foreigner living in Nagoya City has been grievously shot down with an onslaught of broken English.

Within a blink of an eye, the impeccable Japanese articulation was critically violated even before it had a chance to flourish.

“It was so young, so beautiful,” thought Tim Lancaster, “Not one single error of syntax to be heard.”

“It was taken away from us too soon.”

The flawless expression was expunged by a store clerk who inflicted further pain slowly butchering the adjusted amount of change in English as he placed each coin on Lancaster’s left palm.

“One hundred, one hundred fifty, one hundred fifty one, one hundred fifty two,” the clerk said.

Lancaster says he “doesn’t know” if he will ever be able to forgive, especially given it was most likely an act of premeditation with the clerk having “an excited look” on his face as Lancaster entered the store.



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