A van fleeing police arrest has run a red light at Shibuya’s scramble crossing yesterday barely missing 57 gaijin, 45 Asians, and 1 Japanese master ninja.

The sole Japanese pedestrian felt comfortable enough on his own turf to have a fair crack at the vehicle with a well-timed karate kick.

Ryotaro Miyagi attacked the black van with his right foot managing to graze the side panel before falling gracefully to the ground.

After collapsing to the floor Miyagi casually walked back towards Shibuya Station like it wasn’t no thang.

The owner of the black van says he believes Miyagi probably did succeed in touching the car with his foot but left no discernable markings.

Image: YouTube/Mr.Jr.


  1. This title tho 😅. Does that mean “Asians” have been elevated above “gaijin” status? Or lowered behind???


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