A Chinese fisherman snagged a substantial piece of Senkaku isle yesterday as 230 Chinese vessels entered disputed waters in the East China Sea.

Chinese-born fisherman Li Wei has been fishing off government-subsidized ships for decades but says this is his biggest catch yet.

“I caught an absolute ripper today – a fairly sizeable chunk of landmass,” said Li Wei.

A herculean battle between fisherman and rock ensued before Li Wei was finally able to reel in the isle.

Li Wei kissed the rock before releasing it back into the sea after drilling a 10-meter hole into the miniature island and inserting a heavy-duty titanium alloy pole bearing the Chinese flag.

“It looks like this might be a lucky week – I may even be able to reel in the big one, the prized Okinawa Isle.”

Images: Bill Brine, William Murphy (Edited by The Rising Wasabi)


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